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Music Engraving

What can I do for you?

After having received your manuscript or a representative sample, I will send you an estimate and suggest a deadline for the completion of the work that needs to be done. The state of the manuscript is not important. I will edit it if it turns out to be necessary.
Serious or light music, mensural notation or avant-garde musical graphics, choral or operatic music, full or piano scores, chamber music or orchestral parts: I will prepare the music for the printing stage with musicological precision, philological accuracy, and editorial thoroughness. I employ Finale™, Sibelius™ or Dorico™ to attain the highest quality that can be achieved in the field of traditional music engraving.
Having been raised in the great tradition of music engraving in Leipzig, I am convinced that, in addition to technical editorial aspects and excellent legibility, the inherent aesthetic quality of notation is of paramount importance for the discerning practical musician.
In order to get an idea of what I can do for you, please download the sample folder which may be viewed on PCs or Macs with Acrobat Reader.
I am willing to assume responsibility for the complete editorial project – from scrutinizing the manuscript to the final graphic design, illustrations and imaging.

How I prepare a manuscript for the printer

When you send me a manuscript, please let me know what your requirements are with regard to size and format. Please include a copy of your internal editorial guidelines. If you wish, I will send you a free sample page. The first set of proofs is included in the price, regardless of whether the errors were in the manuscript itself or crept in during the typesetting stage. There will be a separate charge for large-scale alterations and all additional emendations. For proofreading purposes you will receive 600 dpi (or 1200 dpi) laser copies or PDF files via ISDN or email. In addition to being a fast and uncomplicated way to communicate, such files may be viewed on both PCs and Macs.

The final product

I will supply you with prepress files in Finale or Sibelius, Postscript or PDF formats, or offset films.



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  • Walther Engel (Ed.): Hits of the Twenties for mixed Choir and Piano, Lugert
  • Josef Bogensberger: Bläserchöre zu Liedern und Rufen aus dem Gotteslob für Bläserquintett und Orgel, ed. Armin Kircher, Erzdiözese Salzburg
  • Felix Janosa: Harmonic Patterns on Rock and Pop Music, Lugert